Rescue Journal

Bond; James Bond

Carol  ·  May 25, 2008

he is an odd cat. seventeen years old, jet black now speckled with grey. quiet, unobtrusive yet strong and powerful. i rarely saw much of him in the first few months here.

but bond likes laundry, he likes it when i fold clothes on my bed. he likes clean linens too and bed change days are his very favorite. he parks himself in the middle of things and rolls around, he chases the flying sheets as i try to throw them over the far edge of the bed. he whacks the other cats and chases them off if they try to horn in on his private pleasure...the rest of the time he mostly ignores them, just like they do not even exist.

i think he is a bit of an arrogent cat who mostly keeps to himself...unless there is a pile of fresh clean laundry for him to play with cuz apparently that is what brings him back down to earth.

bond is a pretty cool cat....homelessness doesn't suit him, he would probably like a more dignified place to call home, he is too refined to be a lowly shelter cat.