Rescue Journal

i am still not in the best frame of mind

Carol  ·  May 26, 2008

it is so much easier to deal with animals. when they are driving me insane i can just tell them to stop it and if they don't, i can squirt them with a spray bottle (if i can happen to find one.) wouldn't it be nice if we could walk around the world with a spray bottle? a little squirt here, a little squirt there, and poof, clear and understood, stop that now.

ok, so not so respectful but you have to admit, as a fantasy, once in awhile it would be nice.

my biggest problem is that i am pretty sure i have eyes and ears in the back of my head. i always seem to know what is blowing around on the breeze. chris asked me tonight if life would be easier if we were all just stupid, i don't think so cuz then the animals would be in big trouble. but i wouldn't mind being deaf and blind once in awhile, blissful ignorance would make a nice change.

unfortunately this is another side effect of rescue. you learn to read and understand and see into individuals of different species without the benefit of verbal communication. you learn this thru understanding various behaviors, body language, observing coping skills, temperments with past experiences, actions, reactions, personalities, instincts and pulling it all together.... just like you do to figure out a problem dog. you cannot tell me that this ability does not carry over into observing and figuring out our own human race. we aren't all that different, just another species, nothing more or less, just as complex and just as simple.
my youngest daughter gets so mad at me when i tell people that i learned to deal with her very difficult teenage years from having to live with and care for copper. i know it sounds somewhat insulting but it is absolutely true. she says i was just lucky but i don't agree. copper taught me to see past the obvious, past the behavior and look deep into the heart under it all. i know that beagle thru and thru right to the depths of his greedy little soul...this is why i love him so much, the barriers and untruths are all gone. it is why i loved my daughter more than life itself when she tried her hardest to prove that i did not really care.

dogs can make great parents out of us if we let them. how stupid of those who get rid of the dog to make room for the baby. they can also make us quite intuitive because we hone our second sight when we truly know them well. good intuition is a very great thing, it helps to strip away lies. i will never forget the day i came home to find her and a friend watching tv...they were there 5 minutes before they should have been...she said, they got let out early, i said..or maybe skipping their last class? she thought i could read her mind (and told me this was an invasion of her privacy)...she was almost right, liars have no rights to privacy and yes i could read her mind.
i am sure if i had a spray bottle when my daughter was growing up that we would have communicated much more clearly...i am fair, she could have had one too to stop me when i went too far. and even if spraying each other didn't work so great, i bet we would have had more fun than just arguing pointlessly, not listening very well and not understanding each other least it seems like this might be true in retrospect. i will ask her what she thinks....altho intuitively (and from past experience) i already know what she'll say...she will laugh and tell me i am a freak to think she would have let me get away with squirting her even once.