Rescue Journal

quick break time

Carol  ·  May 28, 2008

i work my ass off on afternoon shift days...i squeeze in 4 hours of work before i go to i am giving myself a half an hour to write and take the dogs for a quick run before i leave. that is only because the 11 o'clock tour i was planning for has not arrived, i bet they are lost in mission somewhere but i still have to go at noon.

it was an interesting phone day yesterday..i talked to all of my kids, they wanted everything from trying to suck me into going out for breakfast to arranging a classroom tour to discussing mortgage options. i also spoke to a nice woman in florida who was doing an article on seniors adopting seniors. i gave her both sides of it, the plus's and the minus's and the stuff in between. in theory it sounds like a great idea and it can be but there has to be a strong, dedicated and intelligent program of ongoing support in place or it is just a good idea with a whole bunch of nasty pitfalls.

jewel continues to do well, she is playing with toys and balls now. what an utter relief to have her pain under good control finally. i honestly was thinking we were not going to get there. today is her first patchless day, we will see what happens now.

alfred princeton is eating on his own a bit so i am cutting his tube feeds back...that is a relief for me cuz it eases my workload and i am all for that!

we are starting preperations to get ready to move the barn guys down to the bottom pasture within the next week or so. then we can start repairing the upper pasture and give it a chance to recoup. i think we are getting the hang of pasture management, i hope we are anyway.

ok gotta get moving, hope everyone has a good day!