Rescue Journal

yay, i just finished my shift!

Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2008

two days off, and then 5 more work days til i get holidays again.

tomorrow is the dump run and we are having 100 bales of shavings delivered (we are on a two month waiting list for bulk shavings, so these are to tide us over.) the farm vets are coming to do health assessments tomorrow on all the barn guys. they were just here couple of weeks ago for vaccines and de-wormings and said everyone looked great. but there was a concern voiced recently about how we feed so i am having them back specifically to ensure that all is well and everyone is still good. this is a good thing for people to learn here....make sure you are right in what you believe to be true and make sure you have back up and iron clad proof too. it makes life in rescue so much easier if you keep your ducks in a row and your bases really well covered and a couple of hundred bucks for an extra vet visit for reassurence (and documentation) is money very well spent.

one day i will write a post about keeping your ducks in a row and bases covered in all the various aspects of rescue. doing a good and honest job is not good enough, you better be able to prove it....if i ever really do a course in rescue 101...this will be chapter one.

now for the fun stuff....i am surrounded by piss-a-holics. i cannot believe the amount of urine produced between my dinner break at 6:30 pm and my arrival back to the house at 9:45....if old dog pee was a much sought after fossil fuel, i could be rich... carly and boots alone could run a car for a week.

we are reducing jewel's steriods again, starting today...i hope her pain stays well controlled because the current dose is too big. mugsy feels better today...we switched his meds around. this is a relief cuz i was starting to worry that maybe he was getting close to the end and i am not ready for that yet. gideon finally ate decently tonight, i mixed a bit of beet pulp with his food this morning and he seemed to like it so i added a bit again tonight. he is still off his timothy cubes and alfalfa pellets...but at least he ate his bran and senior feed. i am thinking his tummy might not be upset anymore...he might just be getting picky cuz he sure can scarf back an apple without a second thought so maybe he is learning how to order his favorite stuff only.." i don't eat that anymore so please bring me something different".... freaking spoiled horse, does that barn look like a pick and choose buffet?

carly is barking at me. she wants into the kitchen tonight...i am too tired to stand watch over her so she can just suck it up and stay where she is. bloody, stubborn pitbull. and i think it is almost time to get alfred princeton's feeding tube out...he is eating well enough on his own now so i will talk to the vets about pulling that tube and booking an appointment for later next week.
i am glad i wrote about what was bothering me about cuddles, cuz as soon as i wrote it, it all went away. today i feel the same as i always do with him...and that feels so very good.

and phoebe today was really funny. she was goofing around while i was trying to change my bed. she was spinning, and play bowing and shoving her butt around to be scratched, she was under and over and tangled in my sheets..... she was happy and relaxed and having fun just like she used to do when playing with clyde in the evenings....that was really nice to see.
well...speaking of clean sheets, i think it is time to go and enjoy them...i am bagged.