Rescue Journal

the competition

Carol  ·  Aug. 16, 2008

the animal world is a huge competition...who knows more, who does more, who does it better.

there are the true specialists....breed specifics, dog only, cat only, horse, pig, cow, sheep, little furry creatures, reptiles and birds. there are trainers, farmers, behavorialists, eventers, medical folks, naturalists and raw feeders. and there is always the ones who pretend they know more than they really do but that just goes with the competitive mind set.
there pretty much is not a species or breed at saints that someone at some time hasn't told me they could look after much better. they know way more than i do about whatever it is. my silent answer is always...well good for you and go have at 'er, but somewhere else please.
i told mo today, that i don't care what anyone does in their own life, but i get really annoyed when someone's sticky fingers start slipping under or over the fence at saints without the courtesy of asking first. to me that is quite simply rude, you live your life the way you want to, you do what your values compel you to do and you can even share this with others if you want as long as you are not tramping or sneaking around uninvited in someone else's house. be careful when your fingers are in someone else's cupboards cuz slamming doors can hurt.
there is so much common practice in rescue that i do not agree with, and to me it is quite simple.... i just do not do those things here and i would appreciate if others don't use saints to do it either.
not everyone is actually into competing, i personally just like doing what i do here and i know i do it quite well too. but i don't need the first place blue ribbon to pin to my wall to prove to others that i am in fact good at doing what i do.

it is ok to want to be good, it is ok to want to do it is ok to set the standard for yourself and then live up to the standard that you set. but the only competition that belongs in rescue is in achieving your personal best and that means staying away from someone else's fence and doing it well on your own home field.