Rescue Journal

a bee died because of me today...serves him right!

Carol  ·  Aug. 24, 2008

the day started badly...i got stung by a bee and i am allergic to bees. i have no idea what the bee was doing out in the rain sitting on the gate latch. anyway, my finger swelling went up the hand and into my wrist so i hiked myself off to the pharmacy to get some benadryl. the pharmacist said i should take 2 right then so i did....and was pretty much stoned for the rest of the day.

since i was less than useless around here, my daughter came and took me to costco, rona and out for lunch. she stayed and watched "babe in the city" with me and then helped me scoop out the poop under the open barn area and put the guys to bed.

the only bad thing is she insisted on bringing copper thru from the dog rooms and now the little bastard is convinced he lives over here.

chyna arrived..nice dog and managing the other animals quite well. we all looked at her skin and said "huh?" cuz it is a thousand times better than some of our chronic skin guys. this is why on message boards folks shouldn't jump to conclusions and offer that it is sometimes better to put down a suffering dog...cuz what owners are struggling with as far as suffering is concerned and what rescue is struggling with is sometimes miles apart. there is no way on god's green earth that dog needs to be euth'd. anyway i did take the cone off her cuz cones around here are simply not fair. she did start to chew herself raw while i was out this afternoon but i sprayed it with a topical anaesthetic when i got home and now she is leaving it alone. she has her vet appointment sometime tomorrow but i better phone first thing cuz i have forgotten what time.

saints welcomes chyna...a beautiful smokey black shar pei and barely 2 yrs old so i hope we can find a great home for her really soon.

alistair and gwen had their first full field run with all of the dogs and they did just great, 14 yr old al runs like the wind, rolls with utter abandon and plays like a fiend...gwen is just sweet, sweet, sweet!