Rescue Journal

saints welcomes beau...

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2008

he is a favor to an old rescue friend of mine. beau is a puppy, a highly adoptable puppy, no health or behavioral issues, no hidden or wierd kind of strings attached to him... just a 5 month old havanese/yorkie cross pup that someone got as a mistake. he needs to be neutered, he needs to have a bath and then he needs to have a home which mo already might have covered. he is fun, he is sweet, he is completely adorable and chyna is absolutely in love with him...tough, chyna, we ain't keeping him!

what is with the americats? are they trying to kill me? trina called me at work today, charlie was in trouble. i told her to take him to the vet right away and i went there on my lunch break. so SOMEONE scratched him on the eye ball and totally wrecked his eye, now he has lost part of his vision which totally sucks. we pumped him full of fluids and gave him a long acting abx injection. he is on eye drops three times a day, pain meds and on cage rest while i make sure he eats and drinks. and which of the remaining americats whacked him in the eye? i haven't a clue cuz all of them get on wonderfully together and are the best of friends. so either it was a scrap over something or it was an accident, but whatever, charlie is now blind in one eye and i am not happy about this.

carly went home with nicole today. milowsky moved over into the entrance gives him a bit more room, closer and easier access to outside for his pee breaks and gets a bloody big and awkward x-pen out of my way. so all of that is good. oka will have to wait a couple of weeks to get that primo spot for himself...once milowsky is healed enough and neutered, he can join the rest of the big dogs.

i have booked hooks euth appointment for late tomorrow afternoon...i don't know if i will follow thru with it but i will take him in and hope the vet says..."well...we can try this____ if you want, it might do the trick" and yes i will want to, cuz i am not ready to lose hook right now. hope floats til it sinks.

i have 2 days off after a very difficult week..if i can accomplish even half of what i want to, i will consider myself very lucky indeed...a dog with a flail chest injury, a dog with a fractured pelvis, a cat with a damaged eye, and all on confinement bed rest...and a very active, needy puppy, three relatively new dogs still settling in, plus nina the partially blind and deaf 16 yr old cocker arrives tomorrow too. AND a bloody old crippled rooster still in a pen in our freaking store room...he doesn't look like he has any intention of getting up and he doesn't look like he has any intention of dying. he is just laying quite comfortably in his nest waiting for us to change his food and his bed. geeze rusty, are we now an extended care facility for roosters too?
ah well...not only do i love all the little bastards, but i am way too busy to get into trouble lately too!