Rescue Journal

we made it thru.

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2008

well today is almost done, whew...thx to everyone who chipped in and helped out today.

i am taking a sick day head still hurts, i feel like crap and i am spending most of the day in my comfy chair, hopefully sleeping (and not staring at an empty wall) and ignoring the world.

oka is bright and perky today. carl is maybe a little less upset or maybe not...maybe he is sadly just starting to become resigned, oh i hope not. audrey sent me a craigs list posting for a free female llama looking for a home...but i am undecided...i don't want to make matters worse. not sure? think more and try to avoid a mistake. i am going to try him a few more times with the sheep, maybe he just needs a little more time. come on carl, all can be as it was before with four little fuzzy fat sheep instead of three.

do you know why there are people who think they can rescue better than me? because they don't in real life have to correctly figure out these kind of things. in my next life, i am going to sit in my comfy clean chair and have the perfect answer for everything and i will never figure stuff out wrong either.....sigh...oh that would be so nice....i wonder if i could get paid for it too? a nickle an answer, an answer a minute in an eight hour day and my wages would be about the same as being a nurse and i could do it without leaving my chair...ahhh, but would i have to pay taxes? if so, 8 cents an answer to break even.

squirt bottles, a nickle for every fantasy's get weirder day by day.

who lies with their head under the belly of a 1500 pound cow while she is thrashing her head, tail and feet to get rid of the flies? percy is a perfect shade shelter, she drives off the flies from him at the same time that she is getting them off herself and he has somehow convinced spot that he is her very own, 1000 pound, long lost baby so she is very careful not to kick him in the head. god obviously has a soft spot for fools who can suck someone into becoming their mother.

cody RAN to the fence when i got home cody, that was awesome, very, very good girl! (tramadol is an amazing drug, we just started her on it a few days ago.)
we finally got the dogs out for a very quick run late this afternoon...i thought they would explode cuz they had been stuck with just pee breaks and obviously they did not think that was quite good enough....everyone went, including the chi's, chyna and beau...beau is a bit stupid himself...sneaking up behind percy to sniff his left back foot is not very bright of a 15 pound dog. thank you percy for keeping all four feet on the ground. chyna has decided that maybe she likes the barn folks, so she slipped up to edith and sniffed her nose. tammy said the only reason edith didn't whack her was cuz edith was utterly amazed at how stupid chyna was.

rocket science was not a big happening around here today but oh well they all seemed to enjoy their run.