Rescue Journal

saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2008

Lost Dog.....eva and i picked up a senior very large female yellow dog, lost and wandering around in the rain. she is totally freaked out in the shop and trying to find safe corners to hide in when she is alone.

we dried her, we fed her, we gave her toys and treats, an open crate and another soft bed in the corner and a dry place to sleep. that is all this hotel can offer tonight so please be ok with that...when i am with her she sits in front of me with her paw on my knee saying...please, please....don't leave me alone here. sorry babe, trust me, you do NOT want to sleep in the house and i CANNOT sleep out here with you. (too many others are waiting for me tonight)
tomorrow i will trace her ID tag and hopefully she can go home.

saints also welcomes phyllis who i finally picked up from the pound. i stuck her in a cage til bedtime cuz i was too busy to watch her. sorry phyllis, let me find lost dog's home and then i can concentrate on you a bit more.

we were VERY late putting the barn guys to bed...spritely and ellie were not impressed. but we gave them all extra apples so i think that MAYBE they will forgive us, but maybe not quite yet.

oka has had a tough day...he was tripping and then fell into the pond. he is very tired this evening and not looking all that well. he hasn't finished his supper so i can't give him his 8 pm feed...oka you are a worry for sure, but i really adore you so that's ok. i spent a few minutes on my lunch break, laying with him and holding him in my arms...there honestly is not a nicer dog in the world than our sweet rotti!

jack did very well today...the staff called this morning while out on the field run. they left jack behind because he hadn't been fully introduced yet and he was sobbing out his woe. fine, i said...take him out but keep him on a leash. he did really well so tomorrow they can take him again and carry a leash just in case. NICE DOG!!!

sunrise is sick again...those abx injections are not working. we will switch him back to the zithromax and see how he does. i called the vet and they will fill the dose and hopefully i will have time at lunch tomorrow to go and pick it up.

and yes spunk is still in the bathroom, the door is open with a child gate,,,at least now he can see when it is night or day but he does not look like he is venturing out on his own.

i haven't checked on squeakers over the past couple of days, i will try to remember to ask tomorrow when i pick up sunrise's meds.

coco and jewel go in for their surgeries on friday...coco won't be coming back here, she will be going home. i will miss her but i really and truly hope that she is happy to finally get home again.

and i keep forgetting to mention nina...she is doing fine. she likes the laundry area better than the back bedroom cuz she can see better everything that goes on around here...AND she is very close to the lunch time food prep too!