Rescue Journal

i am too tired to unload the supplies in the van...i will do it sometime tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2008

i spent some time with the bunnies and the americats....the bunnies are missing simon and clover and the cats are missing sunrise.

i think jesse is missing oka cuz angelina moved him into the entrance way for me so i could watch him closer and spend more time with him. i took jess for a ramble around, tossed out the lunch she wasn't eating and gave her some puppy food instead.

the vet told me today that a couple of weeks more is realistic for oka...we will again lose control of his blood sugars and he will start to seizure again.

maude is a few possibilities...maybe ears, maybe bladder, maybe osteoarthritic spinal we are messing with her meds again to see what results we get.

ty surprised me...looks like cardiac disease. he goes in on tuesday for a chest xray and an ECG before we start him on anything and i am to stop his phenobarb which is useless with cardiac induced seizures anyway.
milo is a bit nervous cuz he is with me. chyna is on his case right now cuz she thinks he belongs in the entrance way....i said that is oka's house chyna, so leave him alone, you are not the boss around here so go back to chewing on beau...why does beau like that anyway?
terri from sharpei rescue came and spent more time with chyna today...i really like her. she is calm, kind and committed with chyna and nice to me too. she thinks chyna's skin looks good...she agrees that chyna's nose looks like a fuzzy potato and that she is very, very cute.

i went to buy myself a new flat screen tv set but i chickened out....i ended up with another cheap $100 one for now while i think this whole thing out. but at least i can watch a movie now if i want which i haven't been able to do for awhile so that should keep me happy til i decide what is the best thing to do. despite what those freaking fruit loops's are not supposed to be disposable once they hit a full year old.

barn guys to bed and then i am watching "ironman" and eating the rest of my girl guide cookies.