Rescue Journal

i am tired.

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2008

not animal tired, not work tired.... people tired.

i think it is because the last couple of weeks have been intense with people-stuff at work....unhappy people, very sick people...all of whom i really enjoy working with too...but i am tired.

i just about started crying when another truck pulled in here late this afternoon, i couldn't go back at it again, i just wanted the day to be thru.

one of the nurses i work with, just called, she said this morning that she might come out and visit today. her van is all loaded with excited kids wanting to come here is too late, i can't do it some more.

i feel bad, the kids will be so disappointed, i said another time please. . laura and lana are taking me out for chinese food and i just want to get out of here til after dark. then it should get quiet. then the dogs should go to sleep, then maybe i won't feel like crying cuz no one will probably visit that late and everyone can settle and chill.
it is not often i feel like this...this desperate need to escape...but i feel it tonight and i have a good excuse and a free dinner waiting so that is really good.