Rescue Journal

rough day for the saints

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2008

ellie and tunie had their hooves trimmed...not happy campers. it was 20 minutes each of screaming in high pitched, shattering glass, hysterical shrieking...the guys roofing the house across the street asked the vet..."what were you doing to those poor pigs?"...cutting their toe nails...they each ate an apple the second we were thru...for someones who were screaming bloody murder they sure recovered their appetites pretty damn quick.

tunie also had an ultrasound ...that was sort of cool...she was kind of pissed at that too but not as much as she was over the pedicure. obvious tumours floating around but we couldn't actually see her kidneys or reproductive organs but her bowels look good. the vet gave me some meds to try for her. the game is never over til it's over and this guessing game has really just started for tunie.

spritely's foot is sore today...she is moving well on it but slowly which is uncharacteristic for her. he didn't really have much to offer for suggestions, he said what we were doing has worked better than anyone could reasonably expect so just keeping doing the best that we can. he said an xray was pointless, it wouldn't show what we wanted to is that foot going to fall off soon?

the vets finally found a matching med for tyler...they have to order it from will be about a week in transport. tyler is not well today, he has been vomitting and seizuring today. he is still wrapped up in the fleece the girls covered him with and his head is on a pillow, and he is fast asleep on the couch.

i paid off most of the last vet clinic bill...still $1700 owing but i got rid of $15,000 in bills so that is pretty good i suppose.

lot's of very sick animals lately.

i just finished putting the barn guys to bed...the whole place was in an uproar....fireworks were going off in the school yard and that royally sucks!!!!

i finally got them all safely to bed, tunie is still pissed but wrapped up in a blanket, she does not care about fireworks. she is more concerned about someone touching her without her permission.

jesse was hiding in the dark corner of the back room so i pulled a giant crate out of the shop for her to go to ground in back there, found a radio and turned that on high and then pulled all the dogs into rooms with no access to outside and turned on their tv's full volume too. is very loud here tonight but at least no one can hear anything except the noise i want them to hear.

halloween freaking sucks.