Animal Updates

An update from Bella (aka Pugsy)

Nicole  ·  Nov. 8, 2008

I know mum told you I was having liver problems, but yesterday I had a perfect
blood test and am feeling mighty fine. I had to endure being shaved on my tummy
for an ultrasound in Spokane, and then had a biopsy. For weeks I have had to
take numerous pills, but now all is well again. I am insisting on the special
liver diet to continue however, I am enjoying fresh cod, sweet potato, and
cottage cheese. So mum will have to special order more cod, just to keep me quiet.

All this has put me a bit behind in my plans to completely take over this place,
but I am confident that I will soon be back on schedule. I am the one who
decides when all the family goes to bed, and am working hard on the schedule for
morning as well. Right now Louie (one of the pug brothers) gets us all up at
5am, and he is going to have to learn that I need more beauty rest. When mum
gets me up that early, I growl all the way to the living room.

I have been kept quite busy keeping track of all the siblings, there are 8 pugs
in the family now, and all have to be put in their place daily. It would be no
trouble if I could just SEE, but I am confident that they will all recognize me
as their leader soon.

Anyway, we are heading out for an exercise period now, and I need to supervise
the operation. I will send out my Christmas greetings next month, and give you
another update then. In the meantime, keep up the good work, and thank you
again from the bottom of my heart. You kept me until I could have a home of my
own, and they really need me here, mum keeps saying "what would we ever do
without our little Bel-Bel.

Love Bella






and they are all old, blind or crippled! it is a great home with two of the worlds greatest wrecked pug-worshippers.


Good God it's a Pug farm! How do the human members of the pack put up with the the non-stop belch, fart, snore symphony that is unique to Pugs?

Bella, Bella, Bella, you have arrived at the promised land, old girl.


Phoebe is just fine where she is. Although I'm sure she would like it better if the weather stayed warm and dry.


that is hilarious, true but hilarious could we find a phoebeville and maybe a copperville?

Chris T

We have to come and visit! Where do you live? So many pugs in one place! I am not sure I could stand it.


oh my gosh, you really have a flair for the words, bella. and i am so glad you are happy and healthy. i am sure you will take over the place really soon. keep up the good work we miss you at saints