Rescue Journal

god is not a woman.

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2008

when menopause final ends (like after 10 years of torturing you)..does your memory come back or do you just forget that you USED to be able to remember things?

i slept in til 7 am..peri-menopausal, PMS time again...feel like crap and would not have gotten up except i knew there was something happening early today. but since i know i can't remember worth a plug nickle, i figured i better drag my butt out of bed so i was dressed when whatever it was began happening, at least dressed i could pretend i knew what was up.

it took 25 minutes and 2 tylenol and a cup of tea .....oh yeah, right...doorway is coming at nine am...way too early but the family couldn't make the 11 am that i wanted to arrange.

i need to go get breakfast, and i need bleach, paper towels and milk for any more cups of tea. i should hit the farm feed store and the dump but will have to leave that til tomorrow or i won't have time to set up a private, get used to the place area for him before he arrives. i can't go anywhere once a new dog comes in til i get everything figured out and covered as far as the new dog needs....depending on the could be a few hours, it could be a day or two.

and this is why i HATE working mon-fri.....the weekends are not enough of a stretch of days off (i need at least 3) and we have no staff back up to cover responsibility for me.

taking in a new dog when i only have 2 days off sucks cuz everything i have to do gets squeezed into 48 hours and that is not near might be IF gawd darn freaking menopause would quit freaking forever dragging itself out, sucking out my memory and energy and be done so i would not feel like brain-dead, bloated crap 1/4 of every month.

god is definitely not female...a woman would have designed us more efficiently.