Rescue Journal

i will be late but i have many good excuses...

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2008

today is the fundraiser...thx laura and lana for taking over when jamie got sick!!!!! i won't be there on time, but i will eventually get there.... i have stuff to do here that can't wait til i get home again or be done too early either. the animals do not care about the logistics of timing for fundraisers...they don't care about fundraisers at all...they are more into "me" and "now" and "i want, i need" sort of here is my plan....barn guys to bed early....about 4 pm, babies, oka's and starving star's to be fed about 5pm which should last them all til i get home again around 9 pm..then i actually should clean up and change and not show up in my farmy work clothes,(but i am still just wearing plain carol clothes, nothing fancy around here anyway) i should get there around or just before 6pm as long as everyone doesn't phone me to see why i am late and interrupt what i am doing and making me later than that! (hint, hint.)

to everyone i am holding tickets for, i will send them down early with someone i hope....maybe not mo, she is as forgetful as me!

ok business stuff for the fun things....

este is laying on the floor, tearing up a cat bed,,,este?? este?? ESTE????? apparently she is partially deaf ...she looks over her right shoulder, she looks over her back..but looking to the left where her name is actually being called from, 3 feet away, doesn't even occur to her.

"is someone calling me?," "hello, yes??"...."oh, maybe not i guess." and back she goes to killing the poor cat bed,,,oh well, it is old and worn anyway.

shilo is out of her cage and settled nicely into a chair. looks like she owns the place now...i guess she figured we were low on royalty and picked out her new siamese throne.

ginger is a freak out..she is still hiding under the futon couch...i can't forget to put fresh food, water, bedding and a litter box under there each day or it won't be a nice place for her to hang out. this 16 yr old very shy cat, really, really needs a very quiet and patient foster home. is now sleeping on the bed with 2 chi's and a poodle. in the middle of the night he sent me a message that he intended to make the bed switch. i woke up to find his ball strategically placed right where he intended to sleep...i guess this was al's version of a reserved sign in his name. this morning , there was al and his ball right where he said they would be.

one last business thing...i was hoping to get my closet moved this weekend but that won't be happening now, the volunteers are too busy with the fundraiser to make it up here to help (which is fine cuz i am here anyhow and can manage them on my own) to the note that renee left me about getting my stuff out of the entrance shelves so you guys can organize more...sorry, will have to wait til my last set of vacation (mid december) so i can do it during the week while you guys look after the crippled crew...unless you WANT to cover on a weekend for me, and then i can get it done sooner....or it can wait. (i am all for waiting, cuz the weekends are really busy!)

so today i just have to take the recycle to the depot at the dump (we now have a large garbage bin so we are all off the hook for actual dump runs and that is a real relief.) and i need to get some alfafa pellets to last thru the week.... i am feeding the barn breakfast today cuz mo is watching "coronation street", that sounds like a really fun show to watch early on a sunday morning (i would watch a movie instead, if it was me) and then i am on the cleaning/laundry/feeding/med is easier now since we changed things around.

sooooo barring any disasters or unexpected visitors or tours, if i leave my cell phone somewhere where i can't hear it ring and can avoid answering it 50 million times...i have my day planned perfectly. screw the calls, screw the messages, i am pretty sure both the voice mail boxes are full so no one can leave anymore anyway which means it limits how many calls i have to return when i finally decide to check the things.

wish us luck tonight in raising funds to support our guys...they are not only very great animals, they are pretty expensive animals too!