Rescue Journal

piss-poor weekend planning

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2008

on todays daughter lindsey and her partner cam are coming out is working on roughing in the plumbing on our new shower, grooming, back up laundry area (multi-purposing the shop now too). and lindsey i will suck into helping me move my closet stuff to my new room. then we willl go down to that closing out antique store she wants to go poke around in. of course...this would be after...half pints arrival, chyna's interested family visit, another possible potential adopter visit, the floors, the feeding, the laundry, the litter boxes, the food and waters and daughter might be annoyed with me today as everything and everyone else gets in the way of looking for good deals with her mom to furnish her apartment. i just might have tried to fit in a few too many things for today.

last night after work, i was supposed to go shopping with my soon to be daughter in law for her wedding dress...i felt bad about backing out til she corrected me..she had her dress already, it was shopping for both moms and bridesmaids...well crap, i could miss that ok, i will run into the mall the day before the wedding! and i missed my staff xmas party last night too, which my co-workers bugged me about all day...i said shit man, i am going home and making a hot chocolate and baileys and climbing in bed with al and my arms full of soft cuddles and playing badgers burrowing under the blankets in the night...ohhhhhh, sounds fun.....who's al??????

safely off that hook, a night of passion they can understand...(not my fault if my passion really is letting homeless dogs fool around on my bed.)

and finally today...i do need to sort out the dog moves...can't do this til i get my bedroom fully set up and organized, cuz sure as shit that bloody fat beagle will break in and pee on anything not put away the second that door finally opens and the more dog friendly user/abuser child gate goes up to separate the two rooms.