Rescue Journal

count down

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2008

i don't like exploiting the animals by showing pics of what they look like when they reach saints...but there is a thread on brindle with folks listing health risks of early spays...there are no real risks worth worrying about except preventing pregnancy and reproductive is freaking simple and not rocket science from my point of view.

so my apologies to star for exploiting her, but sometimes we really just have to.

i really, really wanna go back to bed this morning. i don't want to go back to work today. i woke this morning from a dream filled with this gawd awful mess of an imaginary terminal wound that we could not contain the drainage on (ok not totally is a combo of 4 difficult wounds we are dealing with added together to create in my mind the absolute worst to manage wound in the world)..i was thinking in the dream, i don't want to try to manage this wound anymore, i want to walk away.

what the hell is wrong with me to dream me thinking something stupid like that???

suzie and chica are booked for their dentals today and tomorrow..i had to fast the whole bedroom crew...not just last night, but again tonight too. i made it up to them by sharing cheese and crackers at 9:45 while we lounged around in bed and watched the finale of "canada, so you think you can dance." the finale was not as great for me because i missed too much of the season to be invested in who won.

half pint does not like it when i get off the bed...up goes her antenna and she starts to get upset until i get myself back there where she thinks i should stay. today, i agree with her.

i thought i bought another case of puppy food for star on was bugging me cuz i can't find it anywhere...DUH? i should look in her belly...she eats 6 cans of food a day, a case has 12 cans in it...she has one can left for breakfast this morning...i wasted like an hour tearing my car and the MP room apart because i am stupid at math. today i will pick her up 3 cases, THAT will last til my next day off.

the cats keep breaking into my is like that door leads to some kind of treasure room for them. wbster and eddie,and tango, and mango and esp. tigger woods at various times are ambushing the door.

they are faster than me and sometimes when overpowered and overwhelmed by determined cats, i just let them have the freaking room...sigh, someone pissed on my hairbrush last night. good thing i saw it BEFORE i brushed my hair or i would have been totally pissed right off.

star gets her sutures and staples out this week too. i want to talk to the vet about stripping her other side and getting her spayed in the near future too. i don't know that star is terminal, my gut says the cancer has probably spread but the vets said nothing shows up on her chest xrays yet, but if under 2 cm it doesn't appear on the xrays anyway. in any case once she gets her weight back on, which will take some time...maybe it is worth the chance that if we took everything possibly cancerous she could live the rest of her life without being a victim of neglect anymore. i would like star to grow old and live happy.

anyway, dreading this very last week until my vacation starts again, i am off until boxing day. i planned this really well this year cuz i know the volunteers are really busy from now on getting ready for the holidays. i however have no intention of holiday baking, no wrapping, no making giant xmas dinners...i did that for twenty nine years. this year i am giving the kids money and showing up for xmas dinner which they can all make. lanes family gave me a turkey which i sent home with my daughter to make...thank you to the robertsons for making my xmas i don't even have to go shopping for something to contribute to dinner!

five more days, five more days...i can do five more days.