Rescue Journal

the little ones say i suck.

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2008

the last of the major reno's are underway...the shavings/loafing sheds just need their metal roofs, the bathing and grooming area is started (it is a weekend job thing so it will take awhile to get it all done), the electrician is coming this week to fix up the electrical in the MP room (it is dangerous), the kittens will have their new pen soon and today began the demo on THE ICKY DOORLESS ROOM!!!! oh what will i call that space when it is nice??? i can't even think of what new name will fit that new space.

steve and randy are just kicking ass around here, wow, it is really wonderful. (they weren't too happy that 3 rats fell out of the icky doorless room ceiling when they took it down but hey, i am just thankful there weren't the hundred that i was afraid were living in there!)

yay for the pub night folks...GREAT JOB!!!! the grand total was $7000...that should cover the current vet bills. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, job well done you guys!!!!!

chica did ok with her dental today.

star looks lovely in her purple shiny coat.

bridgette and kai are firming up their travel plans. kai (the little 12 yr old tibetanX) was pulled from the shelter in the 11th hour, he was up for euth. apparently he is very stinky, unneutered, snappy, grumpy and anemic too...doesn't sound very grateful but that is ok, maybe he is like michael, we need another troll or maybe he is like clyde and is just an ass...whatever, i am sure i will love him no matter what he long as he likes being grumpy here...suzie is an utter snapping hag, and i adore her!

soooo...i come home and look in my bedroom and there is alastair laying on my bed with a very pained expression...he is surrounded by 2 poodles and two chi's going ballistic right in his ears because they have frantically been waiting for me to get home. ooops sorry guys, not yet....gotta go put the barn guys to bed.

the barn guys were frantic too (it was 5 pm and dark OMG!!!) and ellie broke the gate latch again but not the gate cuz steve shored it up with a bunch of 2x6's! they had fresh apples and bananas all cut up nice by eva. safeway had 5 lb bags of apples on sale so i bought an even dozen to last for a bit....i cannot stand the thought of feeding them "slops" which is why i never finished that pig book my daughter bought me...everyone in the world was bringing that poor pig garbage, it just thoroughly grossed me right out so i finally just stopped reading the book. who wants to eat trash? i think pigs appreciate fresh just like i do.

i came back in the house and the little ones were freaking out again cuz i FINALLY came home, and al still looked like he had a headache...ooops sorry, i just changed my boots and then eva and i went out for some won ton soup. i am really truly home and in the house to stay but they just ignored the fact that i am back so i could come and post about today cuz they don't care now that i am finally home....i tricked them one time too many.

ahhh well it was a quiet homecoming third time round.