Rescue Journal

thx to lynne, laura, lana,eva and kathy k...

Carol  ·  Dec. 25, 2008

i was able to spend a few hours with my family this truly was wonderful...thank you you guys...i had a very happy xmas day.

it was the usual homecoming, i was greeted like i had been gone for years instead of 3 and a half hours...a few messes and an impatient barn crew and i am in my new slippers and bathrobe with my newest softest throw blanket in the world covering my bed (which the bed hogs are currently making good use of.) bridgette is turned and changed and just had a big drink...kai was doing this really sad howling so i fed him again and he stopped. he wants out into the kitchen but chyna is not always nice to him (it bugs her when he is meandering around) so i think i might stick her in with the big dogs for awhile so he can wander til he is ready to go to bed. star and molly are bridgette's faithful bed companions...since she is all settled for bed, they are all settled for bed too...funny looks like a slumber party on her yoga mat.

so it was a very good xmas altho my back and my bad ankle are pretty sore from pushing the wheelbarrows thru all of the snow. i am back to work tomorrow and honestly i could use the rest...8 hours away from here is good for my aches and pains....pretty sad when i need to go to work so my body can feel decent again.

i hope everyone's xmas was as happy as it was here...ok, john wayne fest tonight, true grit is on the saints family xmas night movie menu!

so all i am hoping for tonight is...that i don't get stuck in the driveway tomorrow morning cuz i want to go back to work!