Rescue Journal

it is good to be back to work

Carol  ·  Dec. 26, 2008

and i planned my vacation time well cuz all i have to do is work 5 shifts and then with all my lieu stat days, i get 4 days off for 2 weeks in a row!! i am so freaking smart.

the saintly volunteers took care of everything and everyone before i even got home for lunch, all i had to do was meds, how cool is that???

barn bed time was a bit of a gong show...that bloody cow and those freaking goats have started dinking around and causing all kinds of bedtime delaying tactics. by the time i got everyone into the right place, i not only was leaning against the barn wall and fighting for breath but i was also totally pissed right off. i broke the plastic part of the garden rake trying to shove percy and pete back in thru the gate, i should have hit them both over the head with it, it would have been much more satisfying. anyway, i kind of worried carl...he kept coming over to peer intently at me while i was trying to not actually fall down. i think he might have thought he was about to witness his first human death and wanted to be close enough to see it if i was actually gasping out my very last breaths. he is a curious and quietly morbid bugger.

tunie continues to steal mouthfuls of ellie's bed and hike them across the hallway into her new room. apparently she thinks her bed should be softer and thicker than ellie's because she is the senior pig around here. ellie doesn't care, she and tunie have finally become quite good friends. they stop and chat in the hallway, they stick their heads in the others door to say hello and they have both called a truce in the poop in the other pigs bed war so they are happier now too.

lahanie is still eating most of all day, he is trying to put his weight on really fast. i think he wants to look hot for spritely cuz he sure likes to follow our copper queen around and i see her sneaking looks his way too trying to decide if he would make a good king. sparky and gideon are beyond all that worldly, romantic crap...they are the wise ones and have better things to do (like plot breaking into the barn)

copper is freaking FAT! how much turkey did he eat on his sleepover lynne?

jewel is starting to look like a bloated submarine swimming thru the snow.

ah well that nutty bed crew is fussing and waiting to swarm me cuz i escaped from them to use the bathroom and they think i have been gone quite long enough...howard the duck is on tv and they need to lean against me and eat my popcorn while they all watch it.

too many little spoiled guys...nicole, update petfinder so the little demanding ones can get a new slave of their very own!.