Rescue Journal

hello??? crazy person here!!!!

Carol  ·  Dec. 28, 2008

i came to terms with my particular brand of unique (but basically harmless) insanity years ago. it is why i can actually write an honest blog...i can be warm and compassionate and intelligent and insightful and heroic and cranky and stupid and lazy and crazy at any given time, and it is real. shit is who i am. i am like the perfect, non perfect person...i don't have to hide myself anymore.

and i have earned the right to be not so great or to be all out nutty some of the time...i put it right out there enough times for anyone to unique brand of honesty.
so crazy person is here again for a very brief spell...what the freaking hell are people actually thinking???? can you make yourself possibly look any more petty than taking pot shots when a dog who has been running loose for almost 6 months is finally found? can you publically imply more clearly that you think that someone is a liar and fabricated the entire warm and fuzzy story that the dog is now safe? could you possibly toss around a few more sour grapes and graceless comments because someone else that you don't like, actually did catch the dog?

this whole story was NEVER about that freaking lost dog, it was about personalities, and validations and egos and utter and totally complete insanity. i know this because it did not stop when the dog was finally just turned a corner and entered a whole new level of bitter paranoia instead.

hello??? crazy person here but not so crazy to be unable to figure out a couple of are lines you do not cross to the "bad" side of lunacy.

implying someone on a public message board is an out and out liar can get you sued.

demanding "proof" with pictures (want them date stamped and notarized too?) because why? you want to look even more like a suspicious fool?

like putting in writing whatever scary thoughts are actually in your head for other people to read and remember and maybe never forget?

do some of you folks actually even want to be respected in rescue? cuz if you do, you are going about it in all the wrong ways...some ways can actually really hurt you and your credibility!

trust the real crazy person here...put on a leash whenever you are out in public view...there are limits to crazy...learn them, memorize them, recite them in your sleep and until you have them down pat...try not to jump so enthusiastically off the sanity cliff until you have actually learned to fly.
crazy is fine, i do quite well but only because i most times remember the rules and i have worked really hard to perfect it to an art form of honestly me....most times (except for today) i am smart enough not to try to include anyone else in my personal delusions....that is just asking for trouble.