Rescue Journal

happy 2009

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2009

it pretty much started just like 2008...more snow, more dogs waiting at the gate to get in (literally). i wake up to find our friendly doornob wanders, wolfie and zues sitting patiently and peering thru the front gate waiting to be noticed.

sigh, i pop on my bathrobe and shove my bare cold feet into my big rubber boots and trudge off thru the snow to settle them in the shop til their dad shows up.

there is an old chinese proverb that says whatever you are doing on new years day, you will be doing all year long..crap, that doesn't sound all that promising.

i did get zero balances at all of the vets tho...that was hard cuz i started paying them off 2 weeks ago and was busy racking them up high again right until 3 pm on new years eve....but the clinic staff are kind to my little superstitious idiosyncrasies and had everything posted right up to date so when i picked everyone up we could pay and be end of the year vet debt free. YAY!!!!!

i am absolutely convinced it is very bad luck to carry any saints vet debt forward into a brand new year. i know this is true cuz i carry personal debt over year after year and look at me, i always owe some corporation entity money....sigh, someday i would like to be personally new years day debt free too.

happy new year...sighing one last time, eight hours into the new year and 30 minutes in rubber boots without any socks and already i can smell soggy foot....this can't be good.