Rescue Journal

2009 day 2

Carol  ·  Jan. 2, 2009

the driveways are all plowed out (again) and now the garbage truck can empty the bin on monday (if it doesn't snow again.)

most of the staff went home before noon cuz the hill was so slippery..we got everything done tho first so that was good.

the vet came out for lahanie's first assesement...too thin, old rain scald with icky skin under matted hair...keep feeding him up (he aleady has put on a bit of weight) and cleaning his wounds with hibitane...joints are pretty good, slightly arthritic but moving well with the quatrisol. his teeth are petty good too, that's a relief cuz i hated putting sparky and gideon thru their last dentals.
we drew blood on sparky, gideon and lahanie, didn't bother with the sprite-a-holic...her leg is still icky but she doesn't seem to even care...still charging around like a moron making sure we all know that she is REALLY here. like anyone could miss that copper colored, thundering diva.

he read lahanie's tattoo for me...looks like he is 32 years old. he was a very good boy for everything, he's a really nice horse. he and the other horses had their first new years groom, thx grooming angel!

lahanie is starting to talk to me and mostly he is saying the same repetitive thing...don't mess around with what i got going here. he is quite cute because he is very polite and wouldn't think of biting or kicking or pushing me around. but he sure puts his ears back to let me know that i am a human and he is done with human crap and is taking care of his own personal business now.

like who exactly does he think made all of this possible for him anyway? i don't see him out and working his ass off around here anywhere. goof.

bridgette's chest was a bit full last evening so that was a really big worry but it seemed to right itself (with the lasix and pred.) by the time i went to bed and she had a comfortable night. but holy macaroni, she sure is peeing alot now...she alone made a good half a dozen loads of laundry in just one day. oh well, the lasix is supposed to move the fluid out and it is doing a decent job right now.

the icky doorless room is coming along...the porch cement was jack hammered out and a new deck was laid. steve and randy put up cedar shingles so the little porch looks really beautiful now. the doors are all hung, next week the wall and floor boards go in and pretty quick here that icky no longer doorless room is going to look really nice.

it is going to be our new office so we can put isolation pens in the medical room and keep wayward ducks and ringworm cats comfortably away from every one else til they are ready....yay! no more xpens all over the place!

ginger, the very shy 16 yr old cat went home with tammy today. she needs a great home of her own to finish her life journey, yay tammy, yay ginger-bread-cat !!!!

i am getting tired of the winter wonderland crap. nicole and zoe kindly stocked me up with food today. oh and the house phone is fixed, but the mailbox is full and i won't get it cleared out again for awhile (there are 20 freaking messages on there for me to return.)

well...the laundry is waiting...yuck, blech.... i am so freaking tired of doing laundry, i just want to puke.