Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2009

i want to tell folks something...even i who adores every dog i ever meet...the phoebes, the dukes (who tried to kill me), the clydes, even the pitty cross mama who bit me 4 times at the pound...sometimes, am not fond of certain breed dogs. for me it has always been shar pei's...odd dogs whose inside of their head is different than most other dogs...not that it is bad in there...just, i don't read them quite as well.

i have had one other full breed shar pei...and he was a freaking nightmare dog. and i haven't had any since so chyna had alot to make up for.

i did not want her and i was totally pissed that i had to take her too but chyna didn't deserve to get lost in the human bullshit whirlwind that was sucking her down. so, here she is.

we spayed her, we got her skin under control, she learned to be cooperative and live and get along with almost every animal on earth...she is really a very great, great dog.

and at 2 years old, she sits in a senior animal facility, waiting for her own true home.

she is not pining, she is not sad, she is not lonely or seeking a love match. she loves me, she likes being at saints cuz she thinks its really, she is not waiting or in any real hurry.

but i am. i want chyna settled in a forever home of her own. i want her to grow old with her own special companion and become someone's life-long, very best friend. she has had quite a few potentials, and none were the perfect match.

chyna is standing here right now with her legs on my lap and her so soft potato fuzzy nose tucked under my chin while i write this for her.

chyna and i both had jobs to do...she to become ready for her perfect home and me to find it for her.

so, here we are...she has done her part, now its my turn.

tell chyna's story around to all the right people. help me to finish my job right for her. i even finally understand everything about her lovely, sweet head...loyalty, gentleness, determination, kindness, playfulness, intelligence, cooperation and a very soft and puffy nose.

you can't get better than that.