Rescue Journal

quick updates.

Carol  ·  Jan. 21, 2009

star is ok, she slept absolutely fine while crushing me last night.

4lane is good..some med adjustments and we will see how he does.

phoebe is such a hag..i swear to god i am going to give tyra the ok to kill her one day. she has suffered enough from that little red dog's psycho behavior. she just wants to go out and pee this morning and phoebe starts chewing on her back leg.

winter's eye has basically just collapsed in need to take it out. this is a bit of a drag. adopting out a pretty young white cat with one pretty eye is ok....but if they leave the gaping socket, it won't be so easy. she has her spay today.

and, it is diablo's turn for pre-op assessment, i drop him off on the way into work.

today is my friday thank goodness, then 2 days off...i really need them, i am freaking tired this morning!