Rescue Journal

that freaking barn...

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2009

is becoming a pain...sparkles and spritely act like i am trying to poison them at med time. and gideon for once is acting like a brainless TB, all freaky and weird. apparently he got his back leg stuck in the strap of his coat and it was caught the time lane saved him, he was doing the white rolling eye thing and was in a full blown panic... tonight he is saying "i am not eating my dinner and let me out of this scary stall that traps my legs"...come on gideon, that is a swinger or spritely or lahanie thing...your gig is wise and cooler heads prevail, it was a one time thing.

cole and jack are howling to the moon tonight...they want in the mp room and think the moon god might open the door and gate...well this not-moon goddess says " no freaking way" it is a mess in there with stuff all over while the medical room is worked on.

apollo is off today...i think his blood sugars are low...he is going into the clinic first thing in the morning for a glucose curve and for tonight i will lower his dose just in case.

our little old foster mutt cruz is having a hard time today...the vet thinks it is an acute attack of poly-arthritis so she was going to try to get her pain under control before sending her home tonight. poor dawn...she sure does seem to get the saints foster dogs who have pain issues!

all else seems well tonight, at least i have not found out otherwise yet....american idol will soon be on so i better get all my evening chores done first.