Rescue Journal

the police were here this morning

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2009

one of our neighbors reported hearing a gunshot and they wanted to know if we had heard it too.

i said yes, i heard wasn't me, but the next one might be (if i can get a gun) cuz i feel like shooting someone today.

no one specific, pretty much anyone will do (mayube phoebe cuz she is annoying me) water today for some mysterious reason and dusty broke out of her pen and covered the mp room in pee and poop....not good in an apparent draught situation.



I heard there was a wolf hybred running around last year...have not seen him but my buddy has....he's a hunter...n he says it looks like a wolf


Yes, there is a dog gone feral - I have seen her several times over the past three years, and she is indeed looking pretty old. But this is not her.
This one is definitely a timberwolf, and a youngish one at that. I got a too-close-for-comfort look at it one day when I startled it.
The feral dog has a mal face mask, this one does not - it is identical to the picture of the timberwolf in Wikipedia, if you want to see what it looks like. While they are rare in this area, we are within the timberwolf's range.


that is not a is a dog gone feral. i think the MAC staff told me she is a ?husky/mal? she has been running loose up here for many years since her owner died. MAC used to try trapping her but she hangs out at the prisons, the inmates feed her and were letting her out of the traps at first. she learned not to go into the traps anymore...i had not seen her this year and wondered if she was still alive...she must be getting pretty old now. she is a tough old girl.


I heard the gunshot this morning too, just as I was about to let the critters out. It was more like a rifle crack than a handgun. I suspect it was someone scaring off coyotes (I know they have been taking the neighbour's chickens) or perhaps scaring the timberwolf who has been hanging around the neighbourhood - he came loping across my pasture shortly after. And the neighbour saw a lynx on Stave Lake Street a couple of days ago.
Shots are a frequent sound around here lately - I hear them several times a week. This time of year, the pickings for wildlife are getting slim so they encroach on human habitat looking for handouts. As Steve says, that's part of country living.


[Quote]i said yes, i heard it…it wasn’t me, but the next one might be (if i can get a gun) cuz i feel like shooting someone today.[QUOTE]....

Come on now live in the country.....coulda been someone takin out a coyote...that was eatin his don't know......gunshots in toulley ville everynow n then....aren't always scary...coulda been some kids revin up their engine in his driveway at 3 in the mornin......OH wait...Don't get me started on that one....:)...:).