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Carol  ·  Feb. 3, 2009

we rushed monkey into the vets this morning..she has been a bit off for the past week. her appetite and activity level has been up and down and then yesterday i noticed she was drinking a TON of water. last night we gave her a very large bowl, this morning it was bone dry and she was covered in kitty litter which tells me she probably seizured during the night. the vet called and she is completely dehydrated despite the huge amount she is drinking and her mouth is full of ulcers (which i suspect are uremic in origin.) they hooked her up to IV's and sent off blood and i expect to hear tomorrow that she is in final end stage renal disease. poor monkey, i am hoping i am wrong and you just have a nasty calicivirus instead.

the wee pup made it thru today so fingers are still crossed that she keeps hanging in.

looks like the 2 large senior mixed breed death row dogs, fluke and stony are coming up from california. we are low on money so i will pay for their transport myself because i really want to get them out of there.

nicole is busy so i will try chris and see if she can post their pictures on here for me.

apollo looks a bit better today, dusty is still flooding her beds. the vet comes thursday to assess pat the cat for full dental extractions and so do the vet tech students from nicoles class. i will get them all to run glucose curves and teach me too while they are here. also thursday is the day that star goes in for her surgery and then directly on to her new home with one of our vets. i am really going to miss this wonderful dog...she has dug herself in really deep with all of us at saints.

there is possibly another dog for us at the vets...needs both eyes out. we will see what the owners decide..maybe he can keep his home.
once we get winters and diablo's sutures out this week, they will both be ready to move over to the main house.

toby looks like crap today altho he is still eating and drinking well...i think in the next week or so it will be time to let him go unless he pulls up quite a lot. toby is so amazing, he is one of my most favoritest guys.

still short staffed today...renee's horse is battling against a serious colic. june is the love of her life so i hope he feels well really soon.

ohhh...and eddy is home, he is good, purring non stop and happy as a toothless little clam.

one more ohhh...i have decided to call brandy, marty...A. because i somehow keep calling him that anyway and B. since i have started calling him marty, he actually has been a very nice cat. he is currently peacefully sharing a shelf bed with toby.
maybe he feels more at ease within himself with an actual boy name.

sooo cleo 2 is izzy and brandy is now marty.

ok...i am up to date news happy now.