Rescue Journal

i believe it is just mo and me day

Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2009

which is ok, mo can do up the barn and amuse the dogs and i can do other things... i do have a movie date booked for 2 pm so i have to be done in the mp room building AND i have a couple of potential adopters booked for 11 -1 pm too.

BUT at least today i know who is here and i am here all day a simple adjustment like do up the mp building first and then i can start on the house...i will stop to do the potential meet and greet things and listen for what i need to hear before i go back to finish the rest of the things.

it is all in the planning and knowing and then i can work it work...thx everyone for letting me know so now it is no big deal. i am up for a pottering go at 'er slow kind of day, sometimes those are the best kind.

i did manage to sleep really well from 4 til 8 am...i went back to bed earlier but it took til then to settle comfortably to sleep...whatever. when i get stuff done, i might hit that freaking crowded bed and go for a late afternoon movie/nap too.

but first...i am going for breakfast...i am hungry and i need some energy.