Rescue Journal

the one-eyed happy cat

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2009

winter is just having too much freaking fun.

she has discovered the cat tree by the door to the kitchen...she was up there at 10 am and grabbing and swatting and biting my sweater...and at 9:46 pm...she is still on there having a ball. she is flipping, she is flopping and somersauting....she is acting stoned.
she is shredding the thing to smitherines and while i was just on the phone to nicole, she fell off the top in a perfect cat cannon ball and landed on the floor. she was totally wrapped up in 4 feet of carpet string....this could have been a dangerous thing.
i kept trying to cut her loose but she thought the scissors were just another toy...i almost took her foot off and then her lower jaw...oh yay, like a one-eyed, tripod, jawless, happy little maniac would be easy to find a home for.

she goes back into the vet tomorrow, i think they will decide to re-suture her eye on her re-check. that SHOULD put her in a bad mood for a bit cuz a happy crazy winter one -eyed cat is a freaking dangerous menace to me...bad things can happen to happy cats too winter...please try to be careful!

i am kind of wondering right did she actually lose that eye anyway? hey winter? ya feel like coming clean?