Rescue Journal

real quickies

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2009

cuz we have a movie night booked at 6 and i have to have everything done before then.

este is home, she really was upset. she is currently laying on the couch, giving me dirty looks.

chica is having a GI bleed...we started her on meds and nicole gave her fluids as per the vets instructions and she goes in on monday for further testing.

nina had her ear tidied up...she did not need sutures, but while she was in the vet recommended a dental and to remove her glaucoma eye. we will book that later in the week.

bonnie's sutures are getting infected. i called the vet and booked her in for monday and in the meantime i am to start her on baytril.

skye went home to her new family today, we will get her in for her spay in 4-6 weeks. her stools are still quite loose but her family will follow thru with her on that.....yay no more screaming puppy....what a relief.

nicole's friend came up and spent most of the day working on spritely's leg. apparently it looks better this afternoon but i haven't been out yet to see her.

tony can't take his eyes off me. he is my newest shadow. clyde just wants to lick me and fluke (who we all agree is not the right fluke we were expecting) just wants to hump me. and all three of them are pissing on everything. (except me, whew.)
of all the new ones, i like bonnie best, she is not a dolt or an idiot plus she does look like princess fiona (except she is not green.)

oh and....saints welcomes stevie (steve the slimey salamander was set ;loose by the pond today.)

i said yes to stevie the bunny cuz i was REALLY pissed off. it is one thing for the ignorant and uninformed public to be setting rabbits is an entirely different thing when freaking shelter staff tell someone who has just caught a loose bunny and watched it's partner get flattend by a car... that the kindest thing is just to set it loose again because the shelters have no room.

give me a freaking break...municipalities are murdering rabbits in overrun neighborhoods...take the freaking rabbit, say thank you to the person who saved it for giving a shit and try to find it a home.

i swear to god one day i will blow a gasket over domestic 'set free' bunnies running around til they get killed.

and to end on a good note....thank you to everyone for taking care of everything while i was at work today!