Rescue Journal

let it snow, let it snow...let it not

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2009

ok...i already had forgotten that trudging thru 8 inches of fresh snow with half a bale of hay (thrice)..... freaking well will leave you gasping and coughing and hanging onto a frozen fence. it is pretty but it sucks and pretty actually means diddly squat around here.

california dogs like least fiona and humperdink do...shrek went back to his bed next to the blazing fireplace. so much for cutting back on heating costs.

the barn guys look like a bunch of nanooks from up north...poor ellie is a fair weather pig, she does not like her back covered in snow. she'd probably like california where she could sunbathe on a sandy beach.

this bodes really, truly horribly for my afternoon shift tomorrow...just what i want to do, drive around in the dark and the snow and try not to get killed.

ahh scarlett would say...i will worry about that tomorrow.