Rescue Journal

and why is it.....???

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2009

that stupid doorknobby animals are utterly endearing and stupid people just piss me right off?

is it because i am species biased? maybe.

or maybe it is because dumb dogs don't actually hurt anyone, they rarely cause any kind of real harm. they are just innocent goofs trying to get along in life as best as they can.
but people man, can cause so much pain, in so many just boggles the brain (and the heart.)

The Bed War

not my bed cuz tony and 4 lane can't get up on my bed unless i decide to lift them. (which mostly i decide not to)

it is THE BED next to my bed (on the right hand side) which is the prize of this war between 2 idiot dogs.

there are 2 equally nice beds of equal or greater size and comfort on the left of my bed, and another the same down near the foot. none of the beds are more than 3 feet away from my bed but apparently they do not care about this because those beds simply do not exist for them. these beds sit empty every single night while 4lane and tony argue over the RIGHT bed.

this is how it goes....i go to bed. one of the two players gets the right bed. the other stands in front of the right bed winner and stares. the bed winner then lays there and snarls and barks cuz the loser is staring at him and wanting to have that bed.

i tell whoever to please shut up. but he doesn't cuz he is being stared at and his bed is currently an item of interest.

eventually the stare'er lays down on the very hard floor with his back to the one on the bed. this is a trick to get the bed holder to relax and forget that his bed is under seige.

at some point the bed holder has to get up to have a drink or a snack or a pee (old dogs pee and drink frequently.)

as soon as he gets up and walks round the end of the bed, the stalker leaps up and grabs the bed. when the one who walked away comes back, he finds his arch enemy is in his bed.

so he stands in front and stares. and the dog on the bed starts barking and snarling and telling the bed-less dog to piss off and go away.

this goes on all freaking night long as they take their turns at winning and losing and having a pee.

by morning the flannel sheet pee pad is toast from overuse, the dogs themselves are tired from battles won and lost when they should have been getting their beauty rest.

and three perfectly fine and lovely beds spent the night empty just because they were not perfectly in the right place at the perfectly right time (which is when i happen to try to be sleeping.) doltishly endearing can they possibly be?