Rescue Journal

i woke up to carl's alarming

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2009

that is such a really odd sound he can make. zues and wolfie are back again so i toddled out and let them both into the shop which is where they want to be.

frodo is pissed cuz i moved him into the bunnies but i don't trust those two dogs with him...he can go back when they go home again.

crap...last day off...too much to do. i didn't get to my laundry yesterday cuz there was so much saints stuff to do. i will put it thru this morning and let saints stuff build up again cuz i need clean clothes for work tomorrow and i haven't made myself a priority for 2 weeks.

so...2 vet runs today, one new blind dog coming in, get to the gawd darn paper shit and my freaking work clothes ready for this all the usual i say screw it to the paper crap again. sheesh.

anyway, finally not so bone-weary today so that is good, maybe i will get a bunch of stuff done without whining and dragging my ass around.

dragging ones ass is very hard work!

tony is barking, i left him in my bedroom this morning...he is calling and calling...yeah, yeah, i'll get there in a minute you impatient hound!

more on les....last night for the first time...he slept snuggled all tight up against me like all dogs should (if they can find the room) he LOVES to be touched, he LOVES to be kissed all over his head, he is not a biter or a human disinterested dog. i think for a long time he just felt unloved.

someone should teach squirt not to roll around on my lap while i am trying to blog...he keeps falling off and then i have to stop and pick him back up again. squirt loves blogging every is his snuggle-rolling time then.

ok...get tony...get dressed, poke diabetics, poop pick up and breakfast before i get going on the real work on my last day off.