Rescue Journal

fly into the danger zone...

Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2009

humming the music now...(it is from the movie "top gun")

part of being responsibly in charge is the willingness to offer ones self up as a guinea pig....or a test pilot..or some other dangerous thing to promote safety. so today i tested out the manure pile and discovered quite quickly that manure piles can be dangerous. we had moved all of the muddy sludge from the riding ring over and smoothed it thickly over the top.

along comes flying carol with a 200 pound, filled with spot poop, wheelbarrow in high speed. the wheel sinks and stops..carol flies over top of the barrow, the barrow flies with her and the crash was painful to say the least (i did not land on the soft manure pile...i landed on the wheelbarrow struts.)

while i was run over by a lowly wheelbarrow, i do in fact feel more like i was hit by a train.

anyway since that hurt me..i assume it could hurt someone else too...hence another load of road mulch today to cover that muddy sludge up.

lyle is still out there with his heavy machinery moving that stuff around.

the shavings were delivered, the hog fuel arrived too. the riding ring is re-surfaced...and here is another part of being responsible.

Reading the mind of a Cow

i am pretty sure that spot is not too happy with the sand under her undercover area. i believe this to be true because she did not sleep under there last night...i think she stood in the small barn's smallest stall all night (i came to this conclusion because of the mess in there this morning)

sooooo...while lyle is spreading the very soft hog fuel...i am watching spot watching him. and as soon as he got a tiny little corner done close to her she toddled 2 feet over and then laid down. i swear i heard and saw her deep "finally" sigh across the paddock.

sooooooooooo...i went over to the freshly sanded under cover area and i looked at it and i looked at her. and spot looked right back at me...stretched her neck way out towards me and said...PLEASEEEE.

shit. fine. i stopped lyle in his bobcat and said..."could you please put three loads of the hog fuel on top of that sand under there please"

there goes my easy care, clean plan because apparently i now can speak cow.

(while he was at it, i got him to cover the new small loafing shed sand too...she might as well have a soft bed in each field to get out of the rain.)