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Carol  ·  May 5, 2009

gee the stars are so pretty...oh yay spring is finally here...aren't the animals so freaking cute????

but...not today.

in my preoccupation with tony this morning, i failed to notice WHILE the vet was here...that butch don't look so shit hot this morning. good thing angelina and renee did. his belly is bloated, he is all shivery. i had a listen with my stethescope and can't hear any bowel sounds (which may mean nothing cuz the dogs are noisy and my ears are still plugged) sooo...butch has a vet appointment in an hour and it better be nothing big.

afternoon update

the vet got him to poop so his belly is not so bloated..but he is flat out and not moving in his bed now..she drew some blood and we should have the results back today...he is pale, he is weak...might have a metastatic tumour inside that is bleeding somewhere.

later afternoon update

he hasn't eaten since last night, he has been on prednisone..his bloodsugars just bottomed out and butch has started seizuring. (luckily the vet still had the bloodwork in the clinic to run a BS on.) i have now given him a total of 10cc of glucose (2 cc every couple of minutes)...i am waiting 10 minutes before i give more to give it a chance to register with his blood and his brain.

could someone PLEASE just shoot me????

even later afternoon update

butch didn't stop seizuring..he just had his second dose of rectal valium and i am waiting to see. his hematocrit is good so he probably isn't bleeding anywhere..but if he has more tumours inside him, they may be eating up all of his sugar.

tony has been turned and changed. he has been syringe fed and given water thru out the day by syringe too. he has had his injectible pain meds twice so he seems quite comfortable.

my bedroom is apparently now a critical care unit.

if anyone else gets seriously sick, i will personally kill them.

evening update...

butch is virtually unconscious (but that's from 3 doses of rectal valium) he has stopped seizuring, but started vomitting and his blood sugars are up tp 8.8 so that at least is good. unless the vet tells me otherwise i am planning on keeping up the glucose periodically thru out the night so he doesn't drop low again before he can eat on his own (if he will.)

tony is also vomitting... this is a huge concern because while he is less rigid and less painful (we turned him without a muzzle)..he is still fully paralyzed, if he vomits and if it gets back into his lungs (aspiration) because he cannot lift his head...we will be in real trouble. so i am sticking pretty close and watching both of them.

laura came and stayed with them while i put the barn guys to bed and dealt with the mp building diabetics. thank you laura!!!!

i really hope they are both feeling better tomorrow.

and thx for posting cheryl..yay 2nd in canada is pretty darn good (if we can stay there)...hmm... turtle gardens is sneaking up behind...the northern dark horse might just run us over...oh well if we lose to TG, i think that is ok too.

very late night update (well past midnight)

so far it totally sucks...but i THINK that butch is finally done with his post seizure vomitting cuz we have had a whole hour with butch puke free.

then there is tony....he can suddenly get up to his chest..... his gut is in such continuous turmoil and he is desperate as he projectile vomits all over the place. there is no way we put even a 10th in of what is exploding out of him and i have no injectible anti nausea meds which REALLY< REALLY sucks.

given what is coming up from his gut which suspiciously looks like liquid feces...i am wondering if he has a bowel obstruction or is it some kind of natural biological purging from the homeopathy? or is it a reaction to the injectible pain meds..of which i sure as hell ain't giving him anymore.
i guess if he survives the night after purging all over the place and he gets up and walks and is cured...i can call it the most gawd awful, horrible miracle in the whole freaking world.

gawd tony...glad you can get up to your chest but please, please try to relax and give your gut a rest.



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