Rescue Journal

i should be working, but here is my morning thus far...

Carol  ·  May 15, 2009

i unloaded 600 pounds of supplies out of my car and put back in 200 more to take to the barn.

i watched al rescue the purple dinosaur toy from the pond, roll it around on our new sandy beach and then take it back into the pond to wash the gritty sand off.

i watched timmy and maude and al and joey and lucy and phoebe run and run. i watched cole skulk, and suzie roll, i watched all the dogs eating the very sweet grass. i watched jewel being the cutest pond hippo on earth. i watched cleo get mad at peluchie and peluche get upset and run screaming to "mom." aka, angelina....... big baby and cleo stop being mean.
i watched gil and pete try to decide who was boss (i think gilbert won) and then i watched pete, edith, percy, gil, and ellie, eat the very sweet grass down below too. i watched gideon, sparky, spritely and lahonie prance out the bottom gate to the heavenly green grass that the others were enjoying.

i have done half the diabetics (ooops, i still have 2 to do) and then i am actually going to pick up a mop and push some laundry thru.

BEAUTIFUL day today...doncha think?!!