Rescue Journal

today i like animals for some odd reason.

Carol  ·  May 17, 2009

4lane's nose is swollen...its from copper's bite yesterday. the little wound itself is closed over but i better start him on abx's just in case.

the bedroom guys were going nutz..they could see thru the dog room windows laura and friends running their dogs. i fed them all some of my ice cream..that shut them up.

two days in a row that i haven't gotten home for lunch..why do i miss the little bastards if i go more than 4 hours without them driving me nutz?

boo is back in her spot blocking my moniter...good to see you here again boo, now freaking move out of the way!

lucy (the visitor) and will and grace (the kittens i bought off the side of the road) go home tomorrow. their mom just called from the airport and she will come out at noon tomorrow to pick them up so i better get home for lunch tomorrow to say good bye no matter what!

i will miss the hairy froggy doggy with the buggy out eyes..she is turning into a pretty good, "scare the big dogs" is freaking funny to see them all scatter out of her little but very powerful way.

ok...diabetics then maybe some furry cuddle time in my very big bed.