Rescue Journal

i have a sick feeling inside about lucas...

Carol  ·  May 25, 2009

he just woke up and he is really sore on that left front leg. i will call the vets this morning and see if we can get him for an xray in asap. if it is an osteosarcoma, we have to know quickly, before it fractures..and then figure out how to make him only remember being loved and happy here.

he is such a nice dog.

zues and wolfie are back again...sitting quietly at the front gate at 6 am patiently waiting for me to notice them.

it was a great dinner with my family, but i had to leave by 9 pm to get home to the diabetics and the frantic without me goofy dogs....caspar and the bed buddies were beside themselves when i finally did get home.

i am starting 3 afternoon shifts today...the animals don't like it when i am on afternoons and i can't remember if i adjusted angelina's schedule to cover a bit later in the day for me....duh.

ok...tomorrow for sure i will renew my car insurence and try to get my snow tires least that is the plan.