Rescue Journal

heads up for this morning

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2009

i checked the babes at 5 am and then went back to bed for a couple of hours...had a bath, washed my percy slimed hair and feel pretty clean right at this particular second..i wish i could just sit in this computer chair and stay clean for an entire day...but since that won't happen...i better go try to get the babes to drink their bottles and feed and turn the barn guys out and do up the diabetics.
note to volunteers coming and i will not be here when you arrive...we are meeting for breakfast to figure some stuff out but should be back by 10:30 or so. mo will still do the barn and i will still do the house/mp building so don't try to to kill yourselves thinking you are on your own...we will be back here and get to work before too long.

also..just leave morgan (the feral cat in the cage in the house back cat room cage) i will do her up either before i leave or when i get back...she is too upset to be safe and easy.

see you guys soon and i will have my cell if anyone needs me.