Rescue Journal

what the hell is wrong with people?...part 2

Carol  ·  Jul. 22, 2009

the police have closed the file on criminal activity, no charges to be laid, they have determined that the dog was not stolen. our policies are by necessity very strict...we do not ever return dogs to previous owners. the police have informed the parties concerned, that any illegal activity, like threats or trespassing will be dealt with criminal charges. keeps us safe and hassle free while the civil courts sort this mess out.

the person claiming legal ownership of the dog will now have to go thru civil court to prove their ownership and dis-prove any claims of the other previous owners that the dog was in fact given away to them.... and no one better lie either cuz if they get caught, the court gets pretty mad about that.

anyhow...not my problem til it comes back to saints as the final "owner"..lots of legal money for them to shell out sorting out everyone else before they get around to us...this is actually the beauty of so many "owners' before us...they get to pay big time for the priviledge of rocking what was our happy little boat with a nice jeremiah dream...the legal world's version of poetic justice for messing that up for him.

so sadly, this means, any adoptions with potentially great homes for jeremiah are now (for awhile at least) on the end the animal always pays some not so great price for the choices of humans. i guess he is my little best buddy for the next while as i will have to make it up to him for the potential loss of a great home that might have come in the next little bit..that's my job, plus i cannot morally adopted out a little legal hot potato!

rescue is not always fun, it is not always is NEVER cheap (legal fees SUCK!) is almost always interesting.

not to worry jeremiah, just a bump in the road and you can keep sharing my bed and chair, and i will let you follow me around even more and i will keep you happy and safe while we struggle thru this thing.

no comments on this post please..i am just info sharing. i will be responsible for what i say but i don't want to be responsible for what others say..that might get me into some kind of trouble that i don't really need.