Rescue Journal

paint the picture pretty

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2009

i don't know which is worse...intentionally or not..misleading others or misleading yourself.

i get an ugly feeling inside that i have a hard time keeping under a lid when the act becomes about the story..the right story begs to be told.

i don't care if you tell the right or the wrong story as long as you tell the truth.

i don't like con artists sucking the world in with pretty words...creating a fictionalized character to fit the hero role.

there is a sucker born every minute...and there are more than their fair share of suckers born into the animal loving world...shit..i am the ultimate sucker cuz i repeatedly get suckered in too.

and it pisses me off cuz i don't like being lied to.

let me tell you about rescue...if it sounds too good to be probably is too good to be true. anyone can throw together a website and post a bunch of warm and fuzzy stories and pictures. how the hell are we supposed to know if they are real or if they just look and sound really good?

has it occured to saints supporters who live very far away from here, that i could be bullshitting you daily and none of this really is true? maybe i don't write really pretty stories and i couldn't post any picture, let alone a nice one, if my life depended on it..but i could still be lying...i could be stringing you along...and how would you know for sure?

or maybe i am just really stupid and believe what i tell you about here.. when anyone else with half a brain would see that i am wearing delusional rose colored glasses and need get smart medication to see reality again.

the only way you can be sure is to visit...which is why we are so open to visitors here. no closed doors, no hidden, off limit rooms..hell you'll even get to sit on my bed. then you will know what is real and what is not real around here.

anyway..i just want to put that out there that a pretty website and a happy blog does not mean a whole lot of nuthin...we all assume that the stories are real..but my question is...real to whom?

i get mad in rescue when out and out lies are told...that is how Pahrump happened and how many cats suffered and died because of the lies that they told. and it doesn't have to be as horrific as Pahrump, it can just be a minor thing. we can be brokers who say we are rescuers, we can be no-kill because we turn away the ones we'd have to kill, we can make the sick ones seem even sicker than they really were. we can tell you we have been doing this for a long time when we really are just babes in the woods.

because you love animals so much and you want hero's out there to help them..we can don our phony red capes and promote our heroic acts to you. and trust me, we won't be wearing any masks to hide our identity either...we want you to know who we are or what is the point of being a hero?

i don't want to sound bitter...but i am bitter about this. you want to be a rescuer? you want to be a demi-god? you want to be the shining white robed figure crossing the rainbow bridge with all of the animals bowing their heads?

then you better write a book or something and hope disney turns it into a movie.

but remember when cashing your it coins or glory..that the animals themselves are watching you. and at that rainbow bridge they may ask the right to pass judgement to decide if they want to let you thru.

if you used them..i bet they say no.

(and before anyone gets their knickers all in a knot and assumes i am talking about you...i am not talking about anyone that i know if i know you, i am not talking about you..i am talking about something that i just read on the almighty web that smacks of a ton of utter bullshit.)