Rescue Journal

and the other hag returns

Carol  ·  Aug. 21, 2009

phoebe jumped max this afternoon, i used the bleach mop to chase her snarling out of the house...she has been so good lately but then all of a sudden she gets just too full of herself. i left her out for an hour and then put her back in the entranceway. i would prefer she stays in there, and not upset the rest of the house...she likes the privacy in there and the rest of us like the peace.

that dog straddles a very fine line around here somedays...grumpy i can handle, out and out nasty wears pretty thin. i really do get tired of her prima donna shit.

endora is not feeling very well. she accidently got some advantage in her mouth yesterday. tonight her mouth is sore and red and she won't eat or drink. the vet prescribed some meds so we started her on sulcrate to coat and sooth the irritation. we can't give her anti inflamatory pain meds because they will turn the irritation into out and out ulcers. hopefully it will get better with the sulcrate and tomorrow she will eat and drink...she is too old now to go for too long without enough fluids and proteins. while advantage is not toxic traditionally..., be careful with it and old cats as it does not take much of anything to really mess the ancient ones up.

well..i guess i better go do the diabetics....i'm still a bit tired from yesterdays long day.