Animal Updates

Table 17

Carol  ·  Aug. 28, 2009

The Jewel of the Nile it is not exactly The Nile, more like a big mud puddle, but to one crippled dog, it is an ocean of pure pleasure.

Jewel came to us a couple of years ago from death row at the pound. She was up for euthanization because she had terrible pain issues and screamed constantly. We almost gave up on her too, it took three long weeks to get her spinal and neck pain under control. Jewel has the most extensive and complicated pain medication regime of all of the animals, but for her it least for now.

Jewel LOVES to swim (I think this is because God only gave her 2 inch legs.) There is not a day that goes by that Jewel is not down in the pond. I think she looks like a furry crocodile gliding by so effortlessly, walking for her is not so easy. Whoever bred a german shepherd with a basset hound to produce this tank like dog with no legs...has a lot to answer for. It is her breeding and body size that makes her back cause her so much pain.

Jewel is going on 16 years old, she is quite a miracle to us. We never thought she would last a month, and here she is still going strong, almost two years later.

This is because Jewel is a stubborn dog, she is a spoiled dog, she is a complete DIVA. She has found a place where she gets everything and anything she wants, as soon as she wants it, because now she screams from impatience instead of pain. And Jewel can still really scream.

Whoever named this dog named her her mind, she is truly a priceless jewel. For the rest of us, she is just a very happy and demanding dog determinedly trucking along, she brings us many chuckles because she is just too annoyingly funny.

Jewel graciously welcomes you to her table but she thinks you'd have way more fun with her at the pond.