Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 7, 2009

maude is wandering this morning, i think i will do the meds early..maybe she is sore.

hay and water delivery today...yay to these really good people who deliver to saints on a stat holiday so we do not go without!!!

the bed buddies had too much room last night..i had a few inches on the edge of the bed, now my back and shoulder are sore. they are all still sleeping..first day of holidays and i am up at 6 am..there has to be something wrong with this.

morgan just zipped on past..she was going out to the front outside cat run...she may be feral but she is not a freak out like dixie chick. i think morgan is a normal feral, it occurs to me that dix might have other mental issues.

not too sure if this is a geriatric/palliative sanctuary or if we are becoming a mentally not healthy facility....phebes, reg, jerry, dix, 4lane and another messed up misfit on his way...maybe we should build a psychiatric wing and stick them all in it?

except...i don't want to work in it..psych is not my thing...i am not good at it.

i am just blabbing along here, i want a long enough post to see if nicole's and mo's suggestion works...but i don't want to waste too many good thoughts, i have few enough as it is.

here goes...