Rescue Journal

Using SAINTS blog for my own purposes - Jeanie needs to find a home

 ·  Oct. 1, 2009

JeanieJeanie is staying with Anne, Ray and Penny (coonhound extrodinnaire). Penny is our ex foster dog and her humans are looking after Jeanie who was "gifted" to Anne's son by her ex-husband in his will. People shouldn't gift dogs unless they know their family wants the dog. I have met Jeanie and she is some what shy at first (a little bit growly with it too) but she recovers quickly. She is also a big time lap sitter. I don't believe Jeanie should go into a home with children as I don't think she really appreciates them and she is also guardy with her toys. So here is Jeanie's description:

Jeanie is a 2 ½ yr old Shitzu/Poodle cross looking for a special home that will fill her needs. In return she will be your constant, loving, companion. If you are looking for a small lap dog that will accompany you on your daily walks and enjoys traveling in the car, then Jeanie is your girl. Although Jeanie quickly attaches herself to her human care takers, she is initially a very shy girl. Jeanie also does not enjoy being groomed and will show her snarly side during this process. But she also doesn’t hold a grudge against you either for the grooming.

Jeanie has been in her foster home for almost a month now and she has made the transition smoothly. She has never walked on a leash before but is adjusting to it quite well and her house manners seem to be impeccable. Although she has not been formally trained, she has quickly figured out the rules of the home she is living in. Once Jeanie becomes comfortable in her environment (which only takes a couple of days), she becomes a very sweet, affectionate little girl who loves to cuddle.

Jeanie’s ideal home would be a person or persons who have experience with shy, under socialized dogs. Because of her growly nature, Jeanie would be better suited to a home without children. We are unsure of what she is like with cats so that is an unknown. Jeanie definitely needs someone who giver can her firm, clear lines of communications. But, because she is so cuddly, Jeanie really wants a cuddly human. She also likes to interact with her human through play so a person who is fairly active would suit Jeanie well. She also could easily go to a home with another dog as long as she gets her cuddles. If you are interested in learning more about Jeanie, please email