Rescue Journal

updates on the sickly ones.

Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2009

no word on pheber's pathology report yet.

today was max's and prudence's vet day. max made it home with us..i was worried that he might not. he really has not been well the past couple of days. anyway, it may be just too high a dose of cardiac meds for might be dropping his blood pressure too low. or it might be increased pain from his spinal max has an adjusted medication plan and we will see how he does.

prudence is in worse shape than i originally thought. firstly she has very old grass, hair, and other crap adhered to her back molars and gums. the vet started working at it and the foul stench that came out was utterly and completely and totally gross! she badly needs a major dental....but she has other problems as well. the reason she cannot weight bear on her back left leg is...her hip is dislocated and probably has been for a very long time. it takes quite a hard blow to dislocate a dog's hip.

and finally there is her mammary tumours which most certainly are here is the plan for prudence. bloodwork today...chest and hip xrays next week. if the blood work comes back halfway decent and if the cancer has not spread to her lungs, we will look at fixing up her teeth, hip and maybe removing the mammary tumours...right now we just take one step at a time til we have completed the right steps for prudence as we figure her out.

i bumped rosie's vet appointment over to saturday ..i was afraid i would run out of time as i had a bunch of other things that i needed to get to today.