Rescue Journal

dogs who are actively dying...get special treatment

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2009

i don't mean just in terms of TLC..i mean they pretty much never get into trouble for anything...mostly because they don't feel well enough to do bad things.

max is feeling better...he was bugging lucas most of last evening. i finally got mad at him and put my "you better knock it off" finger right in his face (max doesn't see very well and he is totally deaf.)

he saw the angry finger quite clearly, it was close enough so he snarled at it and almost bit it off. bastard!

anyway..since he is feeling perky enough to bug lucas and perky enough to try to amputate one of my 2 typing fingers...i figure he is not dying anymore.

so the next time he bugged lucas, i nailed him with the squirt is mean but effective. he left lucas alone after that...and i still have all of my fingers.

oh yay for med adjustments that bring failing dogs back to pain in the ass perky.