Rescue Journal

happy thanksgiving

Carol  ·  Oct. 10, 2009

maybe grammy's knee is marginally better...i have not quite decided. i had asked the vet to give her a long acting ABX injection just in case it was a septic arthritis.

while he was here the other day...we discussed edith and her dementia..i asked about a thiamine deficiency because that was one of the possibilities when gilbert became so ill. anyway...he gave he a booster and WOW..edith is back to her busy little evil ways. i have to research thiamine deficiencies in goats cuz i really did not understand all that well what he was saying to me and i will need to figure this out.

felix lost another kilo...he now weighs only just over 4 pounds. the vet gave me a appetite stimulant for him but i stopped at mcdonalds on the way home and he ate an entire sausgae he did well with his chinese food for lunch. so i am thinking he is really a spoiled rotten food picky bugger and i will have to feed him whatever he wants. the vet said this is fine for now...we just want that weight back on.

i had a nice visit with my son and daughter in law late this afternoon...angie made sure she brought me a plate of non turkey dinner with strict instructions that it was for me and not the you know who's....(the family thanksgiving dinner is tomorrow because i am working on monday.)

happy thanksgiving weekend to everyone..i am thankful for a lot of things tonight...a good dinner...some really good company here today to look after the crippled crew, edith back to normal, grammy maybe getting there too and a stubborn felix who will refuse to eat any kind of healthy food...but at least he is not dying which is what i was afraid of.