Rescue Journal

to the saints staff members today

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2009

sorry..i was hoping to have the water sorted out before you got here to work and i had to leave...did not happen, so here is the plan.

the water should be here first thing..hopefully by 9 am.

when it arrives...

angelina....please fill to the top all outside water troughs with the hoses attached to the barn tanks..remember to plug in the little pump when using and unplug when done. use the big trough to scoop water to fill buckets for the 2 barns and the chickens and herman...refill that trough when done scooping everything you need.

colleen..please fill every single milk jug, 5 gallon water jug on site and put the big water jugs along the back barn wall and the milk jugs into every area in the shop/mp/and house area so we are set up in case the plumbers can't fix the pump right away.

renee and louise...helga filled some water jugs from home yesterday..they are in front of mp door. please use those to get started for filling all of the water buckets and bowls. also water for the bleach buckets can be obtained from the rainwater barrels attached to the house and shop..thank goodness it rained alot last night.

please ask the plumbers to replace the spigots on the 2 outside rain barrels on the barn that ellie broke off, today.....that way we can collect water in those too for the next currently just runs out the bottom hole.

bag up the laundry before 9am for janis to pick up...there is already 3 bags out there, so please only bag up another 3..we don't want to kill them and 6 is alot.

heat water in the kettle for emily's bottle and mix with cold water from one of the jugs.

sorry i am not here today, sorry too that the day may well suck....good luck. and call me if any questions or problems.